Close to the flame

I have to notify in advance the video will be conceptual. Why? Because continuity has nothing to do with the lyrics of the song (as Valo said, flame not obligatory symbolizes love).


Thats it, motor!

Its dark. Somebody strikes a match. Faint dot of light illumines the darkness.

The Earth (view from outer space). Its getting closer. The oceans & continents grow more distinct. Closer. Now you see outlines of the countries. Closer. Certain country. City. Many-storied house in non-prestigious residential area. We peep the inmates.

First apartment the woman comes back home, opens the door wide & see husband & some other woman in bed

Second: a couple of sturdily-build guys in black turn upside-down the apartment, open the drawers, throw the things all over the place, all in all plunder, stuff the things in the big bag, set the window curtains on fire

Close up: somebody lights the cigarette, we dont see his face (close up of the blazing fire, the tip of the cigarette kindles, there is monogram "flame" on the cigarette lighter )

Back to the apartments Third one: feast, the candles are lightened. People are not human beings, just pigs. Flushed faces, they gorge, gulp, grab the goblets with greasy hands.and so on forthfifthtill the se7en. (you know what this means).

Set-up change again:

Gloomy hall in the medieval style, alight fireplace, a man sits in the armchair with high back (Someone.. we dont see his face..), he smokes, leaning arm on elbow-rest. The man plays with small ball of the blue-green colour throws it up & catches, throws again & catches again. all his fingers are ringed..

Close up of the ball: it is.(Im sure youve already guessed what it is).

He caught the ball next time, hesitates for a second & throw it into fireplaceThe close up of the flame..The end

Stop! Cut!

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