When Love & Death Embrace

I saw you standing on the highest rock, you was on the top of it and you was ready to fly into the eternity Е Your wings were black and fluffy, they were trembling in the wind Е and I knew that in the next minute you would be gone with all your sins and sorrows ! Oh, I need you so ! You was like a Dark Sad Angel and you had no fear for Death Е Suddenly you buried your face into your arms and I heard your scream, and it was full of sadness and pity .

I called your name Е but it seemed like whisper that was blew with the light breath of the wind. You didnТt hear me. Oh, my Lord ! What IТm gonna do without you ! Yes, IТll climb this rock and IТll reach you whatever it costs me ! IТm going up and I know that itТs hard , my palms are bleeding , the pieces of the ground fall into my eyes, I canТt see Ц IТm blind , but he doesnТt even notice me Ц he is so proud of the coming of his Death !

Finally, I succeeded Ц IТm on the top and only a few meters apart us Е I walk through the dark and my wounded hands touch His shoulders ЕIТm reaching out his wings and longing for every their feather Е Yes, He has to die !!! Now IТm in his strong and sweet embrace , I feel his soft skin and warm sensual lips are kissing my lips Е His kiss so strong Ц I know that my mouth is full of our blood, it tastes like divine red wine and this feeling turns us on ! But we have to die !!! I feel that Death is coming Е even in his arms I know that our Death is waiting for us behind our backs.

Е and he says : УLetТs die right now !!!Ф Ц it sounds like an order for me and we hold each other stronger and stronger Е We jump off the rock Е I feel his black wings wrapping around my whole body Е it is our last moment on this cursed earth and eternity waits for us ! Our hearts are full of joy and bliss Е so, we are dying in the name of our Greatest Love !

* Ёто прекрасное и совсем не серьезное сочинение было мне наве€но одной из чудеснейших песен УHIMФ с одноименным названием в одну темную и холодную ночь. “ак что не воспринимайте его как действительное ожидание смерти. У¬се персонажи вымышлены и любое совпадение с реальными личност€ми можно считать случайным совпадениемФ, так, кажетс€, пишут во всех фильмах ? ѕросто закройте глаза и представьте себ€ на моем месте !


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