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Kappale II. Migé Amour Missionary of Love

Let`s go back a few hours earlier to get to know what happened to another character of our story.

It seemed to Mige, that day turned out to be very pleasant one. The morning slipped by imperceptibly (except breakfast, of course). Afternoon all the hims tried to get out from the hotel, but the crowd of the loving fans drove them back. So they had nothing to do then to hang out at the bar & do what people usually do in such places.

It was quite fun, there was enough drinks, Mige even began make eyes some girl at the other part of the bar. She did the same.

Tonight Ville had one of his splean-attack & having mumbled something like "I`ll go get some fresh air & so on" he left the bar with the bottle of the beer. That`s when Mige decided to make things clear with that girl. At first he wanted to send her double Martini from anonymous admirer, but then he realized that he is not unconfident teen anymore & even wasn`t going have some prolonged & serious relationships. But come to her & just say :" Baby, let`s go check out my hotel room" wasn't his style either. In fact, that WAS his style, but he was a little bit scared that majestic "Fuck you!" can be answer.

So Mige thought over different variants of actions & was trying to choose one, that would guarantee him success. His inner voice was silent. The other hims have really good fun while observing Mige in such a tight corner. Finally he made his choice.... Having appealed the bless of all the gods who have ever existed in this world he stand up & went to the object of his "desire".

I guess, the gods that day were favorably disposed to ready to any deed Mige. The object of his burning passion of the last 20 minutes did nothing mind his company & even more - she wanted his company. Girl was just happy to see this extravagant young man next to her. And who wasn`t? Who would renounce such a miracle ready to spend his money like water for you? If he had this money, of course. But Mige left his old haunt not for this.

Mige was eager to be original & no to tell some banal remarks like "Are you boring alone?" or "What a nice weather". But unfortunately there wasn`t any good thought in his head. Nevertheless there was natural & discouraging desire to get closer to this girl. After all he just asked: "What`s your name?"

Serpentina" - she had a pleasant voice.

Mige was really punch-drunk. He got used to any form of outstanding women`s delights at the 8th form - in fact, he didn`t remember when at all. But this girl was about to amaze worldly-wise HIM bassist.

"Mige", - sad one night stand hunter, trying to hide the excitement, that creep over him. It seemed to him that this simple dissyllableword sounded lonely in comparison with charming "Serpentina". He was just going to say his full (and extremely long - in best Finnish traditions - name), but changed his mind & added confidently: "Yeah, my friends call me Mige".

Girl behaved quite with ease. She hold her hand Mige. He seized her hand greedily & kissed it - such things have never happened in the 8th form!.... He was sure, that such things have never happened to him at all.

Girl`s skin was cool by touch. She conduct herself quite confident. It seems she got used to amaze men. She was surrounded by aura of bizarre & strange seductiveness. Her perfume was in perfect harmony with her attire. She has very unpretentious dress, but one glance at her gave Mige shivers. He could tear his lips away from her hand, even having burning desire to go further & kiss her shoulder, but he just could`t help delighting her beautiful bosom. The satin dress of emerald-malachite tone accentuated the beauty of her skin. She had a necklace, which seemed to be from bronze & looked very heavy.

Only oddities happened to Mige that time. Not only that he was in agitation like some teen during the date with classmate girl, but suddenly some lines, flashed in in his head, formed into something whole:

Your skin is like velvet, your eyes like turquoise,

Your lips like ripe cherry,

You are perfect, but...

But... - Mige paused at that "but". He`d better pay some attention to his screaming & alarming intuition, that was yelling this "but" quite aloud. However that wasn`t thing Missionary of Love was interested in right now. He stared at the Serpentina`s necklace. No doubts, it was very old. This masterpiece of the jeweler's art looked like serpent, winding round delicate neck of the girl. Emerald eyes of the serpent, which looked quite alive, gleamed brightly. Serpentina noticed Mige`s interest in her jewelry:

"That`s my old friend`s gift".

Mige blushed to the top of his ears & hide his eyes, because it looked just like he was staring at her bosom. But the situation didn`t embarrassed Serpentina at all & she whispered at Mige`s ear confiding that it`s ancient jewelry in fact, it was made by request some influential Hungarian count, whose relatives live in the Finland now.

"There is only 69 serpents like this in the world... And all the 69 are in the good hands", - Serpentina concluded.

Meanwhile the waitress brought their drinks: another one bear for Mige &...Bloody Mary for girl. If Mige were a little bit attentive, he could work out all that the girl told & did. But she was too nice & Mige just could`t notice the timid whisper of his subconsciousness. Mige advised coldly his subconsciousness to shut up & not to spoil his date. But even not counting his concerned subconsciousness, Mige himself understood that there was something wrong with that girl. That make our "knight" feel a little bit uncomfortable.

She was about 23. But her eyes weren`t the eyes of a young girl. There were marvelous depth in them. Sometimes they were tender, but the other moment the demonic sparkles flashed in them. But for all that Mige, who wasn`t beginner at love affairs, sometimes drown in her gaze, sometimes felt something quite like supernatural fear. He watched with interest as she was sipping strange for such a subtle creature cocktail. Mige himself guzzled beer & grow tipsy more & more. It`s not he liked it, but he just couldn`t stop. Suddenly he jumped at his sit: he thought that there is not Bloody Mary on Serpentina`s lips, but real blood, deep & rich. The vision vanished as soon as appeared. Mige decided it`s his alcohol hallucination. After-effect of the beer grow threateningly. He couldn`t help thinking about "the old friend", he felt something like jealousy. But the beauty seemed to read his mind:

"I haven`t seen my friend in his real guise for... - she stopped short for a moment 500 years" - & she burst out laughing with her marvelous laughter. Mige, who was totally drunk, joined her. But the atmosphere above their table was a little bit gloomy. Mige looked for another subject for conversation & suddenly recollected about Ville: Mige didn`t see him for a long time.

Unpleasant & a little bit oppressive pause was broken by appearance of neatly clipped pockmarked boy. Mige, who didn`t know Hungarian at all, didn`t grasp at first, what was it all about. There was a basket with the flowers in the hands of the boy. There were different flowers, they all were extremely touching & smelled splendid. Mige & Serpentina both rich out for the bunch of blue & pink flowers. The choice was made. Pleased with oneself boy went away.

Serpentina was touched:

"Ah, nobody gave me flowers for such a long time", - as she whispered this, she looked like a quite normal girl, not that ominous stranger, what she was at the beginning. She took the flowers from Mige`s hand & kissed his cheek timidly. Then she shook her head as if trying to forget something & kissed him for real. Mige didn`t expected that out of blue, but answered her kiss pleased. From the other corner of the bar the hims looked at Mige & girl with envy. But that didn`t concern Mige. He kissed Serpentina`s fascinating lips & she, having took out one of the flowers, tickled Mige`s face with it. He felt awfully good & Ville, brooding somewhere with the bottle of beer, receded into the background. Mige hoped this evening will last for all eternity or even longer. He whispered something in Serpentina`s ear & went crazy because of passion. But beautiful Serpentina broke loose from his grip & uttered:

"Mige, - x-HIM noted that he liked his name, being spoken with this imperceptible accent with the delicate lips, - there is too many people & it`s not comfortable. And... I want to check your hotel room".

Serpentina gave to him coquettish winkle. And suddenly Mige realized, that he would do everything possible & even impossible for that woman. No doubt, the other time he would be surprised such an alternation in behavior of his new passion: moment ago she was embodiment of the purity & medieval romanticism, & now she dragged him to bed so openly. There was some surprised expression in Mise`s eyes, but nothing could stop him now. Mige wouldn`t`t renounce her for sure. And, what a fuck, guy, that`s what he wanted from the beginning, is that?

"That`s just roughly- to refuse the woman", - thought Mige, stand up &, as a real gentleman, gave his hand to Serpentina. Leaving the bar, he noticed that all the hims just disappeared. That couldn`t mar his high spirits, so far he couldn`t believe his good fortune.

His nasty inner voice tried to yell something, but wasn`t heard at all.

"His Majesty left to get some fresh air just in time, hope he`ll not be back soon... - Mige was glad for himself, letting the beauty pass in the room & shutting the door. - He`s not here - that`s the most important! Today is MY day!

Serpentina evidently felt here at home. Without asking permission ( she knew that today she allowed to do thing even worse! ) she went to the bar, and, having examined all the bottles, poured in the glass some Hungarian berry balsam. Mige cast a sidelong disapproving look at the dark round bottle. He was sure, that Serpentiina`s choice is quite a vermin & can`t be even called a real drink, so, having short thought over, he poured some real man drink - whiskey But Serpentina, in her turn, didn`t approve the choice of her one night stand partner. She came closer, gracefully let the whiskey on the ground, dip her finger in the balsam & smear it on the Mige`s lips. He was thrilled.

"You drive me mad", - he whispered. Then he just have no time & opportunity to say something. Few seconds later Mige pressed the girl in the bed, revealing excellent French kiss skill.

And now began something, that deprived Mige pace off mind for a long time. Having teered off Serpentina`s lips, he discovered, that she looked a little bit older now.

"Oh, I`d better not to drink so much", - complained Mige, having decided that it`s only his hallucination. But... what a horror... few minutes later she looked older then Mige`s mother &, smiling voluptuous, whispered him something. Migge just couldn`t believe it. A few minutes ago it was glaringly beautiful girl, and now...Mige looked at her carefully: no, it wasn`t just vision.

"What the hell's going on?", - Mige scold.

"Oh, finally you seem to be quick-witted person", - keep on changing said the old wrinkled woman, sitting next to him.

"Oh my God", - Mige whispered.

Evidently he realized the situation, that could be hardly imagined. He twitched away, but Serpentina was quicker. Having rushed to him, she pushed Mige, who had never been remarkable for his lightness or gracefulness, with all her force.

"Oh, now it would be "boom" & a little bit oversensitively", - Mige thought with spite. But there wasn`t "boom" They fly down, because instead of the bed there was a big hole.

"Well, we`re falling into some hole", - Mige thought &, having recollected one famous tale, added sarcastically, - Where is my white rabbit then?"

And meanwhile flying next to him Serpentina was changing gradually her human appearance into something else. Her eyes & lips were glittering in the darkness & looked like precious jewels. Her clothes changed too - if you can call this semitransparent drapery, thrown upon as greek tunic, the cloth at all.

"Oh my God, that`s a serpent! Oh, you, lover, in a deep shit, - Mige felt insane... - That is serpentina. You should guess..."

Now Serpentina looked quit like a serpent. But the worst thing was that she began to wind round Mige. It was hard to breath. But even in such a crapy situation he realized, that they were sucked with the wind into some kind of sinister corridor.

"If that`s death, where is the light at the end of the tunnel?"

The landing on the ground of some small room put the end to the Mige`s reflections. At first there was quite dark, then, when his eyes got used to the dull light, HIM #2 could discern... already familiar to us imp. The imp vouchsafed Mige only glance & began to scribble something in his notebook. Having finished this absorbing business, he turned to Serpentina:

 "Number 666 has been put on the list. Thank you, lady Serpentina. By the way, your father conveyed, that he`s too busy & can`t welcome you at once". 

"Thank you, Kolmetoystvo, - Serpentina uttered tired, transforming into young girl again. - Mige, I have to leave for some time. I`ll find you. Don`t miss me: we have all eternity".

And, having burst out laughing, she dissolved in the air. Mige, who had never believed in miracles, didn`t afford a thought, that somebody can just disappear. And he made the only one possible decision: he stepped where Serpentina was standing a second ago &.. understood, that there is no wall there.

Tomorrow we`ll have a gig. Donner Wetter, Ville will crucify me! - with this thought Mige stepped into this sick gray mist...

To be continued

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