Alista Mara

One touch - our love is dead,
One step - and we are so close,
One look - it's all we had,
One kiss - is the fatal dose.

Alista Mara

Branded kiss will stay forever on my lips
And the dark border will always shine,
Death takes us with close grip
But I'm happy 'cause this kiss is mine.

Alista Mara

In front of our misty eyes
The love loomed up and cauterized,
We licked the burns in our heart
And hid away in deepest dark.
The sun burns frightful our thoughts,
We breathe again after we fought.
We fought with death to be alive,
We thought of mess that outside,
And in the darkness we try to trade
With our heavy stony shade.

Alista Mara

I'm suffocatin', don't know why,
I'm captured, but don't want to die.
I cannot breathe the lunar air,
The full moon abandons to despair,
It ain't fair, it ain't fair

The last light spirit seems to fade,
But with good forces I neva trade,
And evil's creepin' into mind,
I'm not that one of demon's kind,
But I'm still blind, so blind, so blind

The gloomy silence is my air,
My natural condition is despair,
I still don't know what's fair,
But need an angel to feel care.

Alista Mara

Lock all draws with knives!
I'm goin', I'm near!
Turn out the lights.
I'm goin', I'm near!
Chillin' winds scratch your face.
I'm here, I'm here!

Alista Mara

I hear your blood beats
One, two, three
Count 'til it'll be six
And let it free.

Alista Mara

(about vampires)
Tender night flowers seekin' for beauty to taste
Enjoy this moment Haste makes waste.

Nighted creatures in sombre mood
Tryin' to live as much as could.
Pale moonlight tans thin skin,
Their thoughts are black as sin
Livin' under cover of night
And makin' human's history,
Their faces are out of sight
And are shrouded in mystery.

Alista Mara

I will lead you to abyss of despair
And only when you will be on the edge
You'll understand:
I'm not an angel, I'm not your air.

I need the strength, I need your blood
You are too weak to save your life
And your tears in abyss will flood
And all is lost: I've thrust my knife.

I'm waitin' for you. Where are you, Master?
I need to feel your arms on my shoulders
I know you are near: my blood beats faster
And it's gettin' colder.

Alista Mara


I remember something incarnadine
Streamin' out of your head
It was a simple sign
You were goin' to be dead.

I will come to the God's acre
To see you're sleepin'
With sleep that knows no breakin'.

Dear corpse, you were my darling!
What had happened with your skin?..
Your face is ugly now and sullen
Lined with wrinkles of the black sin.

Worms are eatin' your sweet flesh
While it's fresh still fresh so fresh!

Through your last deepest breath
You asked me to join you in death.
And I came with little spade,
And a grave for myself made.

But nobody wants us to be together.
And you know, sweetheart, any weather
I will share with you, are you dead or alive
Only for you I'm goin' to die.

Alista Mara

I don't see your eyes
Only two dark abysses
I only see the heat of your body
And traces of my death-kisses

Give me your blood
Give me your energy and all body's strength
Didn't your mother tell you
To stay away of stranger at arm's length?!

Clash of my teeth
Will remind you of your mother
But you are dead
And there's nothin' to bother.


Alista Mara

I don't want to melt in your memory
I'm a star that lights a weird cemetery
Beholdin' it all durin' my life in the sky
I know that in your heart I want to die.

My loneliness pierce your heart
You saw my face and gave a start:
My ashen skin shines in the night
And sombre eyes are moonlike bright.

I drank your soul with my eyes
I ate your heart for your surprise
And now I'm lightin' one more grave.
Under my light you will be safe!

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