Infernal Trinity

My Falling King

Come to me as tired stranger,
Come tonight and free my soul.
No matter that you're falling Angel,
If you choose me for a fall.

Son of the Light you're more then faithless.
Can't to die and can't to live.
On your way there's nothing kindness,
And so hardest it must be.

In your eyes dark fights with heaven,
On your lips a lot of sins.
I've tried so long don't drown in river,
But now I dead - I've something missed...

Cause I can't stop to think about you,
Can't sleep along without your fire.
Cause all my life is living for to
Finally see you by my side.

So hold me tight my darling baby
And show me bright of your undone.
Please let us merge so deep and maybe
Through pleasure ray I'll see your crown...

Infernal Trinity


My love to you has turned from grace to hell.
I've stopped to dream of you - It only hurts.
Believe me, darling, as well as I know myself,
I always understood your sorrow words.

Your feelings as an echo are reflected in me.
The grief in deepest vote entangle my soul by rings.
All life has turned to hearing your faltering breath,
And I've fallen in love with your sweet sufferings.

You are attractive, oh my god!.. And more then special.
You make me begging for your sole and fatal kiss...
I never saw before such stream of sensual passion,
And blinded by you I've fallen on my knees.

I followed you by roads of love, by ways of death...
I tried to be like what you wanted me to see,
I thought that your heart should respond on my appeals,
But you were silent and just looked at me.

My heavens, my light faith and my religion
Were concentrated just in you, in your sad eyes,
But now It has come to the end, I accept last decision -
You'll not be more my fate and my desired Christ .

You should forgive my present weakness, but I can't
More daily die for you. I'm not eternal, don't you know...
I leave your shine, your hands and your sweet scent,
But I will always keep you deep inside my tired soul...

Infernal Trinity

His Soul

Under the stars, under the night sky
With light of moon, with cry of wolf,
In darkest day of whole my cruel life
Was started the story of His Soul.

I was unhappy cruelly broken,
I've lost my faith, I didn't pray.
And when my pain have turned to knocking
That gloomy night I've run away.

My way conducted me to nowhere...
Was rained and I was deep within. 
I drunk as raindrops my despair,
And as a vision I've seen him.

He sat alone on coast of ocean. 
Through watersparks he seemed the stone...
And he was quiet, deprived emotions,
So far from life... was almost gone.

He didn't turn, he knew - I'm here.
I looked at him, he looked at waves...
The wind inflated his long hair
And kissed his neck by love caress...

He said to me "Come closer, baby,
Don't be afraid, I'm not the ghost,
I'm crushed like you, and I am praying
For my last sunrise, like we're both.

I want to die, but can not do it,
'Cause I'm immortal, left by death...
My only way to be exempted -
To give my soul to someone else.

But nobody needs my torments,
Nobody wants to bear such damn...
I know, I'm doomed to be eternal
Just like this ocean, like this land..."

His silent words have struck my hearing...
He looked so lonely, sad and lost...
I've approached him, then embraced him...
His suffering heart was beaten fast...

And then I said: "I'll take your soul,
'Cause mine is empty, mine is dead.
I'll free your heart and get your sorrow,
You'll not be more depend on that..."

I saw his eyes have turned more brightly.
He has straightened his tired spine.
He didn't thank me, wasn't smiling,
Just said: "We'll meet in other time..."

And since that night his soul fills me.
I keep it underneath my skin...
I hold inside his painful beauty
Like blessing and eternal sin...

I still live in the sea of hollow,
But now His warm covers my world.
I dream we'll meet somewhere tomorrow
And I'll say: "I'm - your Saved Soul..."

Infernal Trinity

Forever Yours

My dreams will brake me once, I know that.
He's in my mind all time... Again...
This night I've waked up in cold sweat, and
I saw his eyes looked at my pain.

Though my mistrust, through darkness round,
His beauty face seemed white pale blur.
"You're here to kill me, right?.." - I've moaned,
And heard his whisper: "No, my girl..."

I touched my head by shivering fingers,
I tried to hide my single tear.
"You do not bring to me deliverance?.."
His tender whisper: "No, my dear..." 

Such silent words... they broke my breathing...
Unearthly eyes were filled by grief...
"You want to have my love, my feelings?.."
Deep tempting vote: "Already have..."

"Why are you here?!" - I screamed with sorrow, -
"Stop torment me, you burn my blood!..
I die because of you! - you know!.."
His warmest smile: "Yes, my sweetheart..."

"I'll be your grace, I'll be your shelter,
Just stay with me!.." - I cried, implored... -
"Or take me with you - It's much better..."
His eyes were damp: "I can't, my love..."

Then he has melted in night air,
Just fade away... without farewell...
And left to me more then despair --
My lonely life, my own Hell... 

Long time I don't sleep, I am weeping.
I won't dream -- they always hurt...
But even when I stay awake I see him...
His lips speak: "I'm forever yours..."

"I'm yours... I'm yours..." - my trembling answer, -
I'm yours, I'm yours - my pain, my God...
I'll soon be yours, night lonely hunter,
I will be yours when I'll depart...

Infernal Trinity

Useless Questions

What do you think about my torn up feelings?
About my love which looks like dying seasons?
What you can answer my still incessant despair?
You have to say now... or you'll be unheard forever.

What can you bring me, dear, except my lonely crying?
Why do I see your tears all time when you are smiling?
Is there some reason for my madness which still grows?
Please, tell, my love.... or leave my painful soul!..

What do I mean for you with all my frightening passion?
You are afraid, seeing doomish on my lashes...
Am I that lovesong you will never write, my poet?
We can't reach Paradise... So, come on, let's destroy it!..

Should I endure you like intolerable torment?
Or should forget you as a flame that always burned me?
Will I belong to you at end of your strange lifeway?
Please, help me... Cause I can not lose you someday...

Do you still sure you don't need in my feeling?
You keep the silence... Oh, my god, I keep on bleeding...
Do you still care or you're completely frozen?
It doesn't matter... Here's my wine, so sweet and poisoned...

You'll never see my dying eyes, I promise!
My fragile heart... is beating yet, enjoy this!..
You look so tired... And you still can't cure your fear.
So no more questions... I'm in last... Be blessed, my dear...

Infernal Trinity

The Feel of You

Well, there's a moment in existence of each soul
When your memory is ruthless neverending pain,
When the world seems grey and damned and so cold...
I know this feeling. I was suffering the same.

I was like dead, my breath was quiet and slow.
The shine of day could not make me alive.
My smiles, my tears... I did it all for show
And didn't see the escape... oh, so many times.

I counted as centuries my lonely winters...
I wished I could be free and cold just like the rain.
You came to me and filled with life my fingers,
You came to me and brought the taste of pain.

I thought you came as light, but it was only your name...
You shared your broken life with darkness and despair.
Ive tried to find the rescue inside you... - oh, in vain...
You touched my lips and melted in night air.

But there was something in your sweetest torments...
You lost like me and never found of trust
To someone s love... You kept the only sadness
In thoughtful eyes with colour of the grass.

Through my long nights you whispered: Life is sufferings... 
And you consoled me: Never fight with a pain... 
You were my guide and you were always asking
To leave the happiness, to learn another way...

I listened to you and I lost all my frustrations.
I absorbed you by bloodless dried up heart.
I drunk your tears, your pain and felt your weak reflections...
And I surrendered to you, strangest dark wizard...

Ive sworn to look more never back and even forward,
Ive sworn to worship you, to share your misery,
Cherish your heartache every single moment
Right now, and then and always while Ill be...

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