Автор Key
Inspired by When Love And Death Embrace video
Dedicated to all HIM fans

Fallin` into the depth of these eyes
Feelin` that`ll never be realized
Beholdin` what I don`t wanna see
Oh, my sweet friend, you`re the one just like me

Can you feel this passion I wear
`Cause, oh my heart, there`s no world for us there
So, can you fall this heaven of me
And be the one that you`ve never been

Actin` just like makin` a crime
And I don`t care what`ll come of it all
But ask me if I`m wastin` your time
So, into desire together we fall

Believe these words - I`ve never lied
This love`ll not exist so long
And when it`s cold and died
I`ll remember just this song... 

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