Thinking of you
Listening Gone with the sin

 I was so afraid to fall
When you stole my broken soul.
As hard as a painful knife
You brought great love into my life.

Like hundred of poisoned eyes
Were in need of the blood revenge
I need your tears, I want your lies
When I stand on the heavens edge.

I was looking at you with desire,
Now its burning within my soul,
And it seems like your own fire
Grows deep without control.

Forgive me my dark sad flower
I will bury my sorrow in your eyes,
Ill never ever be your lover
Although I just couldnt realize that
Im cursed to be alone.

Please, hear my lonely cry
And Ill bless you with a knife.
A cunning blade will kiss your heart
I swear well never be apart !

It was jast dark, then nothing light !
Theres nothing more in life than life
I wish your arms did hold me tight
And Ill join you in your death tonight.

By God well never be forgiven
And we wont be saved by Devil ether
We only have one love were given
And we have to keep it together.


Let Me Die For Your Hate
(inspired by "Razorblade Kiss")

Today I wanna see no light -
You are my Moon and Stars and Sun
So, I am ready to accept this fight
We'll join in Love and be the one.

You're drunk with Blood - I'm drunk with Love
The world is coming to its final end
And no one waits for us above
We feel this love slides down like desert's sand.
rts and makes us go insane
I beg you not to stop, please, carry on !!!

I feel I'm dieing spining up and down
In your embrace and in your mind
I love each dusk and hate each dawn
I'm waiting for the only one of diabolic kind.

Hey, look, though I'm already dead
I keep your faith inside my bleeding heart
Your love the only thing I've never had
and you and I was touched by cruelty of pain
The sound of the naked blade just turned us on
This feeling hu
Your blind and endless hate steel's tearing me apart.

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