Автор Navka

Ville Valo, King Of Our Hearts

All our life is comedy with tears
Where actors think they always can go on,
And some of us completely have no fear,
But all of us don't want to be alone.

This world can make you crying for so long,
We're only jokers near our King.
But can you hear it? Can you hear his song?
So tenderness and pain help him to sing.

Not angel, not vampire - he's a guy
Who only loves to love and lives to live.
He feels it in his soul: to fall, to die,
To cry, to understand and to forgive.

His burning soul was born to fly so high,
It's unbelievable, but he is only man.
He's just a poet, no-one tells you why,
He will be free, but no-one tells you when

Автор Navka

Lily Lazer, Angel With Guitar 


Your music sounds in my soul -
It's "The Beginning Of The End".
I fly again, I fly and fall, -
It is so hard to understand!
You play guitar, but it's not all -
You play my dream, you play my life,
You play my heart, you play my soul -
I want you help me to survive.
Sometimes I dream you hear my cry,
You're here with me, we're drinking wine.
You kiss my lips, I feel I die -
I'm killed by love, my circle nine.
You give me move of sweetest pain,
It's crushing me, I can not wait,
And I don't know - it's tears or rain,
But our love as cruel as fate.


Автор Navka

For You, Ville
So long, so long I dreamed of You,
I knew one day my dream'll come true.
I loved You more than words could say,
But now I love You all the way.
So tell me please what have You done?
I need You  so and You're the one.
To see You now so sweet, so hard,
But hurder's knowledge - we're apart.
It always seems that You're alone,
It is all tears - how well it known!
This moment, Babe, I can't not cry -
Now I'm alive, but soon I'll die.
Don't think about broken heart -
I'm empty when we are apart.
We're only waiting day by day,
But heaven isn't far away.
You know - I hide my heart in vain, in vain,
You bring me joy, You bring me pain.
When snow falls softly on Your skin -
It is my touch, it's lover's hymn.
Between our life and death - thin line,
I wanna drink Your poison wine.
Just give me some of Your delight -
I know that You are Child of Light.

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