Author Poison Light


Sometimes I feel the pain
Within my lonely heart.
This pain I can not tame
Oh, how much it hurts.
Sometimes a single tear
Drops down from my face.
This time I want nobody look at me,
And I look for hidden place.
Sometimes my wild soul
Loses its little wings.
In this infernal world
Where you are the King.

Author Poison Light

Just Thoughts

My love
You are too far from me.
I'm strong enough
In spite of I'm so wee.
Sorrow is behind
When you sing and glare
My darling
Have you ever known how much I care?

My dear
Do you believe in love at first sight?
I feel
A little gleam of hope inside.
I trust
My lips will meet your kiss.
My dreams of you are bliss.

My baby
You can turn on my life.
May be
After death I'll be your wife.
I miss
I can't live 'cause I'm too numb.
One kiss
And I'll be ready to succumb.

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