Author Tigra


He is not the holy one,
And Im not the only one,
This is how the life is done,
I want to be so gone (far away from life)

It verges on sadness,
It is my last madness.
I want to die just behind you,
To say just how much I love you,
And then I want to drown in your eyes full of wise,
To rise in your arms ones and twice,
I just want to melt this wall between us made of ice

I want to hear: Good morning!
My darling, my baby, dont fear
But this is my souls last warning, -
Just close your eyes, smile and then die, my dear

The bird of sadness is black raven,
And with his help we got out of heaven

My dreams are so sad But, in fact, thats nothing.

Author Tigra


I felt your dab
I felt it on my neck,
It was a kiss by your tooth,
It was like a stab.

My little Dracula,
I dedicate myself to you,
You are so beautiful,
N I want to live and die for you.

I was made for you
In HIS insane eyes,
To be together with you
Its bliss and paradise.

I want to die
You cant understand;
It is a cry,
And Im near to the end.

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