For you

My darling I am close to sky
The strongest wind is touching me.
Ive always had a dream to fly,
Not to be along, just simply free.

Dont be afraid, its just a flight,
The rain with love will kiss my knees.
Its not a dream I am alive
And just for you I have a gift.

Forget your fear and take my hand
And lets touch sky fantastic blue.
I want you just to understand
This world around is just for you!!!

Dont fear unlimited speed
And watch this rivers, mountains, woods.
Just breathe this air fresh and sweet.
Its all my gift, its all for you!!!

This rains a tear; this lifes a race
And many things can be above.
Just give your hand and lets embrace!
Important thing - is just your love.

This happy smile of lovely face,
My soul such deep, my heart with wounds,
This kiss with unforgotten taste  
Its all my gift, its all for you!!!

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